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Should I repair my rock chip?

Absolutely! First, California safety standards only allow a rock chip to be repaired if it is a specific size, so the sooner the chip gets repaired the less likely it is to spread or continue cracking. Second, repairing a rock chip is way cheaper than having to pay for a windshield replacement. Third, repairs also take half the time as replacements. Cost efficient, time saving, and safety approved!

Will filing a glass claim with my insurance effect my rates or count against me?

No, but we always suggest verifying this with your policy provider. Filling out a claim for auto glass replacement or repair is a non collision claim (also known as a glass- only claim) which will typically not be counted against you.

What if something is wrong with my windshield after its been replaced?

Always let us know! We offer a workmanship guarantee to all of our customers. If there is an issue with your replacement (glass defect, technician error, water, or air leak) we will come back out and repair it at no extra cost to you!

Do you have discounts?

Yes! We support and appreciate all of community protectors and influencers. 
- Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders
- Health Care Workers
- Teachers

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